The following is an outline of the Scope of services that Lenders Compliance Group, Inc. provides in reviewing the integrity of a company's Anti-Money Laundering Program:

Conduct an intake interview with company’s officials, compliance personnel, and support staff to (1) determine the priorities and exigencies of the engagement, and (2) implement appropriate procedures and forms.

Review existing anti-money laundering policy and procedures documents and provide guidance to assure conformance with FinCEN’s Anti-Money Laundering program requirements.

Draft an Anti-Money Laundering Policy and procedure that comports with FinCEN’s Final Rule requirements and also conduces to the way the company conducts business in its retail loan origination channel.

Review and, where appropriate, provide consumer disclosures to comply with the requirements subject to the Scope.

Written and verbal (i.e., emails, telephone calls) communication between LCG and the company on compliance administration matters as it relates to the Scope, including but not be limited to, explanations of documents provided, clarifications of interpretations, and responses by LCG to Company questions or proposals.