LENDERS COMPLIANCE GROUP, INC. is a full service, mortgage risk management firm, providing professional guidance to financial institutions in all areas of mortgage and lending compliance. We provide complete or partial outsourcing of risk management with respect to the regulatory compliance function and its requirements. We are the first risk management firm in the country devoted exclusively to mortgage compliance that also provides a full complement of products and services in all areas of mortgage banking.

Positions previously held by our Directors

  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • General Counsel
  • Compliance Counsel
  • Compliance Manager
  • Regulator (federal)
  • Deputy Commissioner of Banking (state)
  • Examiner (state)
  • Operations EVP
  • Underwriting EVP
  • Servicing EVP
  • Secondary and Capital Markets EVP

We are actively engaged in monitoring ever-changing laws and regulations that affect the industry. Our professionals have an average of 25 years in the residential mortgage origination industry, consisting of compliance executives, legal counsel, and former regulators who have created and implemented successful compliance programs.

Typically, our clients are Mortgage Bankers, Mortgage Brokers, Wholesale Lenders, Correspondent Lenders, Warehouse Banks, HUD/DE Mortgagees, FHA Loan Correspondents, Servicers, Credit Unions, State and Federally regulated Banks, and their mortgage company subsidiaries.

For many clients, we provide a complete regulatory compliance program that includes risk assessments, as well as program development, implementation, and administration. For other clients, LCG supplements internal resources to find, address and provide Best Practices solutions to specific regulatory compliance issues. In either case, LCG serves as an objective and independent evaluator of current and proposed mortgage compliance procedures, to spot potential problems, and, when necessary, to suggest alternatives. We may be engaged on a recurring, project, or hourly basis.

Our range of services includes:

Lenders Compliance Group is the first mortgage risk management firms in the United States that provides professional guidance and support to financial institutions in residential mortgage compliance, including the following practice areas: Mortgage Acts & Practices ● Legal and Regulatory Compliance ● Forensic Mortgage Audits ● TRID Orientation and Readiness ● HUD Exam Readiness ● Licensing Compliance ● HMDA/CRA ● Information Technology & Security ● Portfolio Risk Management ● Quality Control Audits ● Prefunding Audits ● Retail, Wholesale, and Correspondent Platforms ● Broker & TPO Compliance ● Mortgage Servicing Compliance ● Investor Compliance ● Loss Mitigation Strategies ● Marketing Compliance ● Due Diligence Reviews ● Credit Risk Management ● Loan Analytics Audits ● Compliance Audits ● Banking Exam Readiness ● GSE Applications ● Ginnie Mae Applications ● Training & Education ● CFPB Exam Readiness ● Anti-Money Laundering Program Compliance ● Loan Originator Approvals ● Closing & Settlement Agent Approvals ● Vendor Approvals.

Each financial institution we serve is not only unique with respect to size, but also with respect to products, complexity and business strategy. Our professionals work closely with management to tailor our services to meet these requirements.

Our approach is proven and makes us a valuable resource for creating a culture of compliance!